Once you get hooked on golf it can quickly consume your life. You constantly think about golf and different ways of improving. The quickest way to shave points off of your game is by getting the ball in hole straight away once your close to or on the green. The surest way to make sure this happens is by relentless practice sessions.

Imagine having a putting green at your home (or business). You could practice way more often without having to pack your golf bag and drive to the club. The advantage of an indoor green is that your practice time will be immune to the weather and seasonal sunlight. Even with 300 days of sunshine in Colorado there are times that you’d like practice putting, but can’t. Most people start to think about and research their indoor artificial putting greens in late Summer (when the sun starts going down sooner) and early Fall. Once your ready to start on your green give us a call at (303) 862-8065 for a free quote and consultation.