EnviroFill Artificial Turf Infill

What is infill for artificial grass?

Infill is usually sand or treated sand that is brushed onto and into artificial turf. Infill has two main purposes. The first is to keep the artificial grass fibers/blades standing upright. Infill surrounds the blades of turf from the bottom up allowing them to stand up straight. The second purpose is to weigh down the artificial turf so that it will remain in place in conjunction with border stakes. The weight also keeps the turf from wrinkling due to drastic changes in temperature.

The PlushGrass Synthetic Turf Store stocks and supplies EnviroFilll® for homeowners, Do-It-Yourselfers, landscapers, and architectural design & build firms.EnviroFill® replaces the outdated artificial turf crumb rubber infill and play sand. It features an antimicrobial coating and rounded edges to keep your artificial grass fibers from wearing prematurely. PlushGrass uses EnviroFill® exclusively on our installations of artificial turf; both residential and commercial. EnviroFill® is perfect for areas with dogs, it reduces ammonia odor from pets by 99%.

What is EnviroFill?

EnviroFill® artificial turf infill is sourced from a silica sand that is only found in Texas. EnviroFill® is infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection and is rounded in shape after being coated so that it is easy to install. Due to its round shape it resists compaction and drains freely. The warranty covers the coating and color for 16 years. EnviroFill® is sold in 50 lb. bags and it generally requires 2 lbs. per square feet to properly infill an artifiicial grass lawn.

EnviroFill Is Guaranteed For The Life Of Your Turf

  • Antimicrobial Protection
    Microban® technology helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause odors and stains.
  • Low Maintenance
    No watering, no allergies, and no damage from pet waste -- a grass infill with little to no maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly
    A turf infill that is non-toxic and more natural. Envirofill is also 100% reusable.
  • Guaranteed
    Turf Infill that's guaranteed for the life of your synthetic lawn. And beyond. Its rounded shape won't cut into your grasses fibers like sand.

Envirofill is Healthier, Cooler & Reusable

Infill is an integral part of a turf system, and choosing the right one will increase system longevity, improve EnviroFill Artificial Turf Infillathletic performance and address safety concerns. However, synthetic infill comes with a few concerns. Chief among these are the challenges of high heat, the perceived health risk associated with crumb rubber, and concussion protection.

Since 2005, we’ve kept our promise: Envirofill is firm, fast and safe. There’s so much to like about Envirofill. Because it performs impressively, while eliminating your worries and concerns! First, and most importantly, Envirofill protects your most valuable asset -- your athletes. Before Envirofill, synthetic turf was either soft and safe or firm and hard. But now systems can be created that are firm, fast and safe, highlighted by our energy absorbing pad sub-layer that keeps athletes safe during impact. Firm, fast and safe is a pretty strong team.

But the benefits of Envirofill extend even further. It can lower heat temps up to 30 degrees versus crumb rubber, and it comes with an industry-leading 16 year durability warranty. In fact, our coating durability is lab-tested and proving itself season after season. It’s the only infill that can be confidently reused for multiple turf cycles saving field owners money. Finally, Envirofill is a US-based product, mined in Texas, which means you have plentiful supplies and predictable lead times.

Infill Infused with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection: You can rest easy that your turf infill is protected from the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. Microban® antimicrobial technology is infused into the Envirofill during the manufacturing process and works 24/7 to keep the infill cleaner, longer. And as athletes are regularly coming into contact with the infill, the Microban protection will give you an added level of protection.