Rollout the GREEN Carpet

PlushGrass is Colorado’s leader in artificial turf for special events. Our turf can be seen at prestigious golf tournaments, corporate events, and tented functions throughout the state. We understand that you want to WOW your clients, staff, or guests with an experience unlike any other. We offer a complete line of artificial turf products to suit every floor covering need, application, and budget.

Why is artificial turf ideal for event spaces?



As consumers continue to seek environmentally-responsible solutions, many have recognized synthetic turf as an attractive option. Environmental advantages of synthetic grass include saving water, preventing pesticide use and reducing maintenance pollution. Many hot climates in particular are facing drought conditions right now, and have water restrictions in place. Every square foot of natural grass replaced with artificial turf can save 55 gallons of water per year.


High-quality artificial grass truly lends the appearance and feel of natural grass. It provides a bright, welcoming impression and can easily be used in combination with other natural or artificial landscaping to create unique, aesthetically pleasing event spaces.


Many people prefer soft surfaces such as grass; however, the hassle of maintaining natural landscaping in event spaces can be quite difficult. Artificial turf provides an attractive, soft surface, while eliminating the added bother of mowing, and the environmental burden of fertilizers, pesticides and watering.


The options are virtually endless when using artificial turf in event spaces. Much easier to install and maintain than natural grass, synthetic turf can be cut to fit any size or shape installation, without the need to seed, sod, water or mow. Artificial grass is extremely crowd-friendly, and can withstand heavy foot traffic and continued use.


Artificial turf keeps event spaces clean and green, without the mess of dirt, mud, or grass damage in the event of rain or heavy foot traffic. It is non-toxic, allergen free and helps deter insects and other pests.

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