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Frequently Asked Questions

What is artificial grass?
Artificial Grass goes by many different names: synthetic turf, synthetic grass, synthetic lawn, artificial turf, artificial lawn, Astro turf, and fake grass. Essentially, artificial grass is constructed like carpet using the same type of manufacturing process. However, high quality artificial grass is nothing like outdoor carpet! Modern artificial grass has two main components: fiber and backing. The fibers are the "blades of grass" and the backing is what holds the fibers in place. A third element is infill (usually sand or treated sand). Infill adds weight to the artificial grass helping it to stay in place and also helps to keep the grass blades/fibers standing upright.
Is artificial turf good for dogs?
Dogs cannot dig through artificial grass. It would take a very determined and impossibly strong dog to dig a hole through artificial grass. Additionally, PlushGrass installs artificial grass dog areas with careful attention to the perimeter so that dogs can't pull up the edges of the turf. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass won't stain from urine or feces. When Envirofill® is used as an infill, odors and hygiene are no longer an issue as long as the area is occasionally rained on or sprayed down with a hose.
Does artificial grass require any maintenance?
Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, especially when compared to natural grass. In the autumn, leaves need to be removed from the surface of artificial grass using a leaf blower and NOT a rake (raking will break down the leaves and create organic matter between the blades of grass that permit weed growth). It may also be necessary to "brush up" your artificial grass occasionally, especially if we are coming out of a particularly brutal, icy winter or you use your yard for sports and athletic activities.
Where can I buy artificial turf?
You can find artificial turf at the big box stores in Colorado or you can call or visit the PlushGrass Synthetic Turf Store in Denver. Talk to someone who has actually worked in the artificial grass industry; we are happy to help you with difficult installation issues such as xeriscaping, slopes, areas with difficult drainage, and working with young trees whose trunk size will quickly expand in the coming years. Unlike Home Depot, Lowe's, and Costco, we only provide, sell, and install artificial grass and artificial grass supplies. We are located just Northeast of I25 and I70 at 62nd and Broadway.
How many years will synthetic turf last?
PlushGrass Synthetic Turf will last 20 years or more when installed at a residence with regular yard use. The products we installed ten years ago on are still going strong. PlushGrass Custom Synthetic Turf has a limited 12-year warranty on our synthetic grasses and a 2-year Craftsmanship Warranty* on our installations.* If PlushGrass installs turf made by another company our craftsmanship warranty will only cover 1 year.
How much does artificial grass cost compared to real grass?
Initially, artificial grass will cost more. When you factor in the monetary and time savings from not watering, fertilizing, and mowing, however, artificial grass wins out in the long term. The average break even point between natural grass and artificial grass ranges between 3 and 5 years.

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