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The PlushGrass Synthetic Turf Store in Denver stocks and supplies artificial grass and installation accessories for homeowners, Do-It-Yourselfers, landscapers, and architectural design & build firms. We carry artificial turf for any kind of outdoor living project - residential or commercial. Artificial grass prevents many problems that arise with natural grass. Artificial lawns don't need water, they never turn brown from exposure to the sun, and they don't get dusty or muddy. PlushGrass only uses lead-free, American built synthetic turf. Synthetic lawns are very low maintenance landscape options. They require no water which will drastically cut your water bill as well as helping to conserve our precious Colorado water lawn by lawn.

Please call ahead if you are coming to our artificial grass store to make sure that we have enough of the product in stock in the dimensions that you need.

Pureflo High Capacity Artificial Grass Backing

  • Environmentally Friendly & 100% Recyclable
  • Soft & Pliable - All Polyolefin Backing System Conforms to Contours
  • Absorbs No Moisture - Dimensionally Stable
    • Prevents Expansion & Contraction
    • Eliminates Wrinkles Caused by Urethane Backing
    • Prevents Stress on Seams
  • More Than Twice as Permeable as Other Companies’ Hole-Punched Urethane Backed Products

Durable, 3-D Shaped Artificial Grass Fibers

PlushGrass is constantly developing and improving their artificial grass products. Independent testing confirms that PlushGrass 3D CORRUGATED Fiber is more durable and DOES NOT CRUSH like other manufacturers' fibers. Our fibers use a PROPRIETARY pure polymer blend (no fillers added) providing unsurpassed durability, life, natural feel/softness, and natural appearance. Additionally, all of our fibers are de-lustered to eliminate shine and reflection when exposed to the sun.

We use only the highest quality pure color concentrates and UV block (no fillers added). The color and UV protection are mixed with the proprietary polymer BEFORE it is made into grass fiber. This assures maximum life by preventing drying, cracking, and fading.

Our fiber is made in 3D shapes: "Omega" and "S". This prevents fiber crush and turf flattening. We invite you to see for yourself; request a sample from us and another sample from a competitor. Brush up both samples and then place a cinder block on top of both samples for 5 - 10 minutes. You will then see that our fibers stand up much more dramatically than other companies' artificial turf.

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